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#1 Full Silence-- Current High Bid $650

#2- Seems Like a New Sun - Current High Bid $800

Here are the paintings and current high bids that are up for bid in an effort to raise funds for the Japanese relief effort.  The winning bidders will receive the painting and a signed copy of my book and I will also add $5oo to each of their bids for the donation to the Red Cross.  Bidding ends at 12 noon EST on Monday, March 21 A note:  Please make any new bids at least $10 above the current high bid

Many, many thanks to all who have participated.  It is most appreciated and will hopefully make some sort of difference, if only a small one.

Here’s a little bit o’ soul from the immortal Otis Redding.  I think that, with this disaster and a looming war in Libya, we should all try a little tenderness.  This is a great version from the Stax Tour of Europe in 1967.

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