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Here’s a shot from my studio at about 6:45 this morning.  If you look out the window to the lower right of the canvas you can see one of the deer who seem to be always in my yard trying to find a bit of grass that is finally showing through the remaining snow.  The canvas itself has been hanging around the studio for a couple of weeks now since I stretched it.  It’s a looming presence at 4 1/2 ‘ high by 7’ wide, easily the largest canvas I have ever faced.  A long way from the tiny paintings, some as small as 1″ square,  with which I began my career.

As I said, it’s been hovering for a couple of weeks and the sight of it is both exciting and terrifying.  On one hand, it holds the potential for something big and exciting.  But on the other hand, it sits like a black hole threatening to absorb everything around it.  It’s so large that to fail is to do so on a grand scale with nowhere to hide the flaws.

So it has just sat there, waiting for me to face it.  I don’t know if today is the day to start the journey into whatever this will offer or if I will again set it aside and do something different.  Something  smaller and less daunting.  Normally, I just start and kind of let the painting take me where it will without a lot of foreplanning.  But I’m torn here, thinking that I need to at least have a clue of the final destination for this large piece.  Some sort of plan.

But I don’t have one.  I’m tempted to go with a huge version of the new work with a sky full of clouds, thinking that the visual impact of it on such a scale would be really dynamic.  I can somewhat see it in my head and if I can catch the right subtlety of color that I’m seeing, it would bang off the wall.  But there’s a little hesitation on my part and I’m not fully committed yet.  And before I start something on this scale I want to be fully invested in the belief that I will draw something alive out of this. Sitting here now, I’m beginning to feel that I need another few days to consider it more, to try to see something more concrete in my mind before I embark on this journey.

Hmm.  We’ll have to see what comes from this.  I’ll let you know.

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