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Tsunami Sweeping Across Japan

I came into the studio this morning and sat down to write a post about painting when I flipped on the TV to catch up quickly on the headlines and caught sight of the devastation taking place in Japan.  They experienced a magnitude 8.9 earthquake off their coast several hours ago which caused widespread damage.  Then in the quake’s aftermath came the tsunami which hit the coastline with its full impact sweeping well inland, carrying everything in its path along in a thick wall of destruction.  The videos are amazing and terrifying, leaving one to wonder the extent of this catastrophe.

So, painting seems like a trifle today and my attention is on Japan.  There are tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific rim and hopefully they will be minor, to spare any more suffering from this disaster.  Cheri is keenly aware of news reports of earthquakes and has for the last week said that there was something big coming based on recent quakes.  She will not be surprised by this.

Anyway, I’ll hold off  on the blog until a better day and hope that the people of Japan come through today okay, ready to start the long clean-up ahead.  My thoughts are with them.

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