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This is a 30″ by 30″ painting that I’ve finished in the last week or so.  It’s very much in the manner of other work that I’ve been locked in to recently, with a green/blue mosaic sky light breaking in contrast over the horizon.  There is a large difference in this piece in that there is more attention paid to the trees surrounding the central figure of the red tree.  There is less open space  and the assemblages of trees create compositional masses that appear almost monolithic in appearance which makes for a warmer, less stark feel while still maintaining the same effect compositionally.  I have used these large grouping of trees sparingly  for some time but did use themmore often in the years before the red tree made its first appearance in 2000.  I was browsing through some older work and realized that they had not emerged in my work in some time and there seemed to be a place for them now, particularly in this style of work that I’ve been focusing on recently.

I call this piece The Hidden Heart for the way the red tree is held in a pocket with the trees and hills around it.  There’s a feeling that it would remain unseen but for one following the field rows that seem to forge a trail to it.  I often refer to the red tree as the heart in my paintings probably because they often are the focal point of the paintings with everything revolving around them.  Or maybe I’m thinking of the red in the tree as being symbolic of life blood.  Maybe both.  I’m not completely sure.

As I said, this piece has less starkness and more warmth than some pieces while maintaining a sense of quietude which is enhanced by the scope of the sky above.  There has been a lot to look at in the studio recently but this piece continues to draw my attention and I am continually filled with a sense of completeness by it.

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