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Auction Thank You

#2- Seems Like a New Sun - Winning Bid $850

 I want to extend many thanks to all of you out there who participated in the Auction to Aid Japan that ended yesterday.  There was a frantic finish and both final winning bids came in at the last minute as the clock hovered at 12:00.  One piece was sold here in my hometown, for which I’m grateful to our local newsapaper for their coverage of this auction without which this bidder may not have known about the auction.  The other is soon to be off to Slovakia, of all places.  The winning bidder is originally from Corning and has obtained several pieces of my work over the years.  Nice to know that my paintings are world travelers.

Again, every bid was greatly appreciated.  If our effort can make even a small difference somewhere in the vast effort that will be required in restoring Japan, it will have been valuable and worth doing.  Like many of you out there, I often feel very small and unable to affect change

#1 Full Silence-- Winning Bid $775

in the face of such monumental challenges such as those presented  by the disasters in Japan.  But it is heartening when I see people respond to efforts to help and I see that change is often greatly affected on this small level.  And for that, I am grateful to all of you.

Thank you.

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