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After the Talk

I had my Gallery Talk at the West End Gallery yesterday and it went well.  Very nice turnout with many new faces and lots of questions to answer which made the time go by quickly.  Which is a good thing because, at the end, I am sick to death of talking about myself and my work.  But it’s all part of the job of being an artist.

I’ve often said that the hardest part of this career is the constant self-promotion that one must maintain if one wants to succeed in the business of art (or just about any other business, for that matter), which goes against the very nature of many artists who are often either somewhat introverted or desirous of staying out of the spotlight so that they can simply observe.  I don’t know where I fall in these groups.

It would be lovely to only stay in the studio to paint and not have to talk (or write) about myself or my work.  To not have to seek out new outlets for my work, new avenues to reach a wider audience for my paintings.  To simply create.

But I’ve always seen my work as a vehicle for communicating something inside that I can’t explain to people I don’t know.  I don’t make it for myself.  If I didn’t think it would move others, I probably wouldn’t do it at all.  I have the feeling and imagery inside already.  No, for me to want to create it, it needs to be seen.  And that means I must do whatever I can to inform people of it.

It’s not something that many artists are well suited for and something that most art programs don’t teach.  I can only imagine how much truly great art has been lost through the ages due to an inability or unwillingness by the artist to speak up about their work.

But, as I said, it’s part of the bargain that comes with the job.  So while I would rather be alone in my studio, I talk…

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