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The Mothers-In-Law

Sometimes when I’m looking for something for this blog I come across other things that distract me like a shiny object flashed in front of an infant.  Whatever I was seeking is forgotten and I’m off on a new tangent.  Such is the case today.

I was looking for a piece of film of a 60’s garage band when I stumbled on this.  It’s from the short-lived television series The Mothers-In-Law which ran from1967-1968.  It was an unremarkable but funny sitcom starring Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard as mismatched in-laws of a young married couple.  I remember watching it as a kid and enjoying it but can’t remember anything specific.  It was just there.

I only bring it up because of this clip featuring the TV family somehow hosting the 60’s band The Seeds in their living room, where the band performs their garage classic Pushin’ Too Hard.   It’s a great bit of kitschy television, the kind of moment that the 60’s TV often produced.  It’s almost as good as the clip from the Mike Douglas Show with a performance of Mustang Sally by a band called The Cavemen, dressed in goofy Fred Flintstone costumes.  What the heck, I’ll throw that in as well.

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