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Hollywood Squares

I was looking for something in my files and came across this old piece from around 1994.  It was an experiment with ink on bristol board, which is a very slick surfaced paper.  I was just seeing how different inks reacted on different surfaces by painting a  small block and dropping ink into the thinned paint.  I ended up with this little block and I immediately was reminded of the original Hollywood Squares television gameshow.  I even scrawled a title on this at the time, I’ll Take Paul Lynde to Block

It wasn’t the greatest gameshow.  I mean the questions weren’t challenging and they made it no secret that the celebrities were given the questions beforehand.  It didn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the intelligence of the celebrities or the contestants and, even as a kid, I found myself wondering where they found these contestants  who often didn’t have a clue.  But it was entertaining.  The regulars were all comics or comic actors like Paul Lynde, Wally Cox and Charlie Weaver, who had a regular schtick for the questions which were delivered by the affable Peter Marshall.   I always think of his son, Peter LeCock (Marshall’s real last name), who was major league baseball player.

The show has continued through the years and I have never watched it since those days with Paul Lynde.  It’s odd how a strange little piece reminds you of a very small part of your past spent sitting on the couch during snowdays as a kid, watching daytime TV.

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