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Monday morning and I’ve got a lot to do this morning.  But I wanted to show some music and I realized I had never mentioned Van Morrison in my posts even though I have been a fan forever.  So much great music from the guy over the past 45 years or so.  Sounds funny to say that- 45 years or so.  But it’s true.  Consistently good if not great for all that time.  Songs like Brown Eyed Girl, Domino and Into the Mystic CaravanMoondance.  His night songs– Here Comes the Night and Wild Night.  So many great songs from the man from Belfast.

And then there’s Gloria.

Gloria became one of the icons of the rock era of the 60’s, being covered by scores of bands.  Performing with his band, Them, Morrison recorde this classic in 1965.  It was a B-side (we’re in the 45 RPM single era here, kids) to their hit single, a cover of the blues classic, Baby, Please Don’t Go.  The  sharp-edged marching rhythm  and Morrison’s snarling vocals on the song propelled it along to the chorus.


Even illiterates could spell Gloria at the time.  Just plain, good stuff here.  Here’s a version I found that was perhaps produced for French television if the Les Them at the beginning is any indication.  It’s a curious video with a recurring image of a donkey throughout.  I have no idea what it means.  Anyway, here’s Van Morrison with Them…

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