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I’ve got a busy Friday lined up so I’ll simply send out a Happy Birthday to Tarzan.  He turns 98 years old, published first by author Edgar Rice Burroughs on this date as a magazine serial in 1912.  I’m sure he swings through the trees a little slower these days and his trademark yell is a little weaker at his age.

This story of a child of a British lord who is orphaned in the wilds of Africa and raised by apes has triggered the imaginations of fans in the near century since 1912, with each generation resurrecting him in some form, in comics and on film.  Most recently he was the animated hero a Disney film but first hit the big screen back in 1918.  Of course, his portrayal by Johnny Weismuller is the one that springs first to most minds. 

I don’t know what it is about this feral manchild that sets our minds a-whirling.  Perhaps it’s the idea of living outside the reach of the modern world, living by the laws of the jungle. I mean, he makes it look a pretty sweet gig, with all the swinging and swimming and such.  Of course, while many of us dream of such a life, most of us are afraid to walk through the park in the dark.  But it sounds good.

Whenever I see tarzan on film, I always wonder why he bothers to shave as meticulously as he does.  I have a hard time shaving on a good day.  But maybe that’s what makes him who he is and me who I am.  He is, after all, King of the Jungle.

Happy Birthday, Apeman…

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