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Yet another Sunday morning.  I don’t have a lot to say this morning, which is pretty normal when I’m very busy painting.  I become very focused on the task of painting when I’m in full painting rhythm.   It seems the spaces in my mind that might be filled with opinion and trivial thought become clogged with flashes of color and and other elements.  I tend to set my limited mental capacity towards solving the puzzles of painting–  how to make a piece that seems to be static at one stage come alive with the next or making a painting that says something with the fewest amount of detail.  Solving compositional conundrums that float in the ether of  my mind. 

 It’s an interesting state of mind, being in the painting rhythm.  Like being in a location that is far removed from the realities of everyday life.  Oh, I’m aware of them but my concentration is far from them.

The painting shown here, Through the Portal, from back in 2004 kind of sums up how I feel about being in this rhythm.  It’s somewhat like passing through a gateway into a world comprised of my own little trees and landscapes, all easily pushed into place with a glance.  The real world with all its problems is behind me and feels a million miles away.  I know it sounds goofy but as I’ve stated before, if I could decribe it I wouldn’t have to paint.

So, I’ll stop trying to describe it this morning and focus on doing what I do.  Being in my own little world. 

Where I belong.

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