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I try to keep up with pop culture but it spreads so far to the horizon that sometimes there are phenomenons that go unnoticed in my little world.  It took seeing a clue on Jeopardy ( a year old repeat, at that) to bring this YouTube sensation to my attention.

It’s called The Evolution of Dance and has been viewed  almost 150 million times in the past few years, making it the most viewed video ever on YouTube.  It features motivational speaker/dancer Judson Laipply going through quick takes on pop dancing and while it’s pretty clever and entertaining, and while hedoes have a knack for communicating with his movement, I still find myself baffled at the huge popularity of the video. 

Even more baffling, and startling, is the amount of time spent watching this video.  Doing some quick math, the time spent watching this 6 minute video 150 million times amounts to 15 million hours.

Wow.  15 million hours spent in front of the computer screen to see just this.  Taken out even further, it’s 625,000 days.  Talk about lost productivity!  It makes one wonder about how we spend our time.  I know I feel like I’ve lost hige chunks of my precious time on earth gazing at much too much goofy stuff.

Anyway, if you’re one of the last people to have not seen this or heard of it, here it is.  Sorry for the lost time.  I know it’s 6 minutes I’ll never get back.

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