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I call this new painting, a 12″ by 24″ canvas,  One.

One path.

One tree.

One sun.

One person.

I’ve been working on paintings that are focused on rolling fields of color and how they relate to each other, as is seen in the foreground of this piece.  The rolls form a foundation for the painting as well as create depth into the painting, pulling the viewers eye further into the picture plane, allowing it to feel immersed.

Well, that’s the hope.  It’s also my translation of what I feel makes a painting of mine succeed on some level.  I feel that if I can easily allow the viewer deeper into the picture, they will get a greater sense of the color and emotion of the piece.

I have no proof that this is true but it helps me to think this, to fulfill the need for explanation.  The need to know the why of being drawn to it, even if it’s only for myself.

Just one reason.


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