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We’ve been fairly fortunate in  this area to have been spared the full brunt of nutty political protests on a regular basis.  No big Tea Party gatherings.  No Obama Is Hitler signs. Very little to be seen around these parts.  It’s not that the people who support these causes aren’t around because they are out there.  Oh, yeah. They’re out there.

Yesterday, we got our first taste of it on a personal basis at our local Horseheads, NY post office.  On the the front corner of the property was a table with posters all around, saying the typical things like Impeach Obama.  Nothing remarkable.  Then I spotted it.

The Obama poster with the Hitler moustache.

I am all for First Amendment Rights, being able to make the public stage your own bully pulpit, but something about this just went against the grain for me.  There is something truly hateful in that poster that goes beyond mere protest.  Surely it shouldn’t be allowed on postal property.

So we complained and the post office supervisor apologized, saying she had tried everything but so long as they didn’t approach folks going in and out of the post office itself and weren’t campaigning, they were unable to have them removed.  She said she had received a non-stop stream of complaints all day and was clearly flustered by the ruckus.

Leaving, I noticed at the top of their posters the name of the website behind this crap.  It was Lyndon LaRouche!  The conspiracy-driven schemer, de-frauder  and ex-con was behind it!  I’m not going to go into the absurdity that is Lyndon LaRouche here.  There are thousands of sites to find out more for yourself.  His movement is classified by many not as a politcal movement but as a cult and has made him a wealthy man over the many decades he has been in action.

So the Obama-Hitler poster is his product!  The anger I felt at the fools standing in front of them turned quickly to a real sadness.  The sadness that comes from seeing weaker minded people being exploited.  Sad that these people, who were concerned and upset with our nation and with their lot in life, had fell prey to someone espousing such  hate and nonsense.  Someone who played to their deepest fears and stood to profit from it.

Even now, as I sit here this morning, it is not outrage I feel but a queasy mixture of sadness and worry.  Worried that their are so many others like these people out there, waiting rise up, without questioning with their own commone sense, at the call of someone like LaRouche. I had always seen the Obama Hitler poster as idiocyand hate but now see it also as  a symbol of exploitation…

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