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GC Myers 2002There’s something in the air.  

Maybe it’s just the time of the year and the way everything looks here right now, all brown and gray with the snow having receded.  The bones of the trees look stark and even fragile.

Maybe that’s the word.  Fragile.  The world does seem very vulnerable at the moment and one can’t feel anything but helpless about their own ability to affect the direction of things.  And this sense of futility only fuels our fears and makes future prospects seem even more dire. 

I know this is only stating the obvious.  I certainly have no answers.  Who does?  When I hear the talking heads on CNN and CNBC, I realize they have no more answers than myself, only blather and an obnoxious, ignorant certainty that they indeed have the golden ticket.  

And then I feel even more helpless…

I know we can’t avoid the subject so I won’t even try.  In the spirit of this feeling that hangs in the atmosphere, here’s Neil Young singing with The Band from The Last Waltz, directed by Martin Scorsese  in 1978.  Here’s Helpless, a song that always gives me chills…

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