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9908-302-endless-time-webI wanted to talk a little about the piece shown here, Endless Time, which is a 24″ X 30″ canvas.  This is what I consider a performance piece meaning that I have performed several paintings that have a similar palette and composition in different sizes.  

Each piece has its own character and feel, distinguished by differing color intensities and textures.  The colors of each are similar but have their own peculiar colors due to the factors that make my color palette differ from day to day.  Things like humidity and temperature, different gessoes that I use with differing absorption rates and my own lack of consistency in mixing color.

I call these performance pieces because I equate painting them to a musician performing their own composition.  The musician may often change bits of their own compositions, changing thing like tempo or intensity.  Changing the coloration of the notes and how they’re played.  The composition is intact and is identifiable but each individual performance has its own character, its own wealth.

You may notice something quite different in this piece as well.

No tree.  No red tree.  Nothing…

This is really a direct descendent from my earliest work that focused on open spaces and blocks of color, work that was meant to be spare and quiet.  The weight of the piece is carried by the abstract qualities of the landscape and the intensity of the colors.  

With this piece, I have chosen to forego the  kinship that the red tree often fosters with the viewer, acting as a greeter inviting them to enter and feel comfortable within the picture plane.   In Endless Time the viewer is left to their own devices when they enter the picture.  There is no place to hide, no cover.  They are exposed to the weight of the sky and the roll of the landscape.  They are alone with not a sound nor distraction.

It becomes, at this point, a meditation.  One is not merely looking at a landscape.  To go into this painting one must be willing to look inside themselves as well.  

And I think that is where the strength of this piece dwells.  I hope this is evident to some viewers and they feel welcome to enter this quiet space…

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