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Hero’s Journey

OmegaIn my last post, Legendary Heart, I mentioned the hero’s journey, a term often used in the work of Joseph Campbell, the famed mythologist who gained widespread popularity in the 1980’s.

Campbell described the hero’s journey as a metaphor and paradigm for the passage we all take through life.  The journey of Ulysses, for instance, in many ways parallels the lives of many, perhaps not in such epic terms.  His search is the search of many.

For Campbell. it was all about discovering the transcendent truths that we all hold within us, inherent knowledge that predates the written word or systems of religious belief.  What might be called the spiritual.

The unknowable.

That is what I referred to when I used that term.  in these terms we are all engaged in a form of hero’s journey.  I only mention  this because I think we have come to believe that heroic is a term that only describes the extraordinary when in fact we are surrounded by heroic efforts every day.  We all have the capacity for heroism in our own lives.

If we only choose to live that life…

Here’s a song from many years ago, around 1992, from Jeffrey Gaines, that speaks to this idea.

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