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Memento Mori

The Writing's On The WallThere are days when I get up in the morning and the normal aches and pains of my middle age seem a bit different.  A little more pronounced and in spots that didn’t seem to hurt this way before.

At these moments, a phrase always comes to mind.

Memento mori

Remember that you are mortal…

The thought doesn’t frighten me but only serves as a reminder that I have a finite amount of time here to learn what I need to learn, to see what I need to see and to say what I need to say.  A limited amount of time to leave a reminder that I have existed in this world.

A short time to create what I feel needs to be created…

So I get up in the dark most mornings and trudge, sometimes achingly, to my studio and feel reinvigorated because today I live. Today I work.  Today I leave a mark on this world.

And that is a good thing…

Memento mori.

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