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Sunday Morning Edward HopperEarly Sunday morning.

A week or so ago I showed a painting, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper and talked a bit about how this painting, and many of his other works, always reflected to me a sense of aloneness and alienation.  On this Sunday morning I am reminded once again of this by another of his paintings, fittingly titled Early Sunday Morning.

While it is bright and colorful, there is a quality in the emptiness of the street that speaks of  loneliness, an aloof sense of existence in the midst of a city.  The warmth of the red in the building and in the sunlight is a strong counterpoint to the coolness of feeling depicted. I’ve always found this a powerful painting.

In the spirit of Hopper’s painting, I’m also showing a video of Johnny Cash and Kris Kristoffferson singing Kristofferson’s Sunday Morning Coming Down, a longtime favorite of mine whose main character has certainly walked down this Sunday morning sidewalk…

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