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Movin’ On

Playing the BluesI’m on the road today, Tuesday, but I will be trying to post from the road in the next few days so check back in.

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with an old song from one of my favorites, Hank Snow.  I know he may not look very hip and his sound is old-time country but I’ve been a big fan of his for many years.  He had a great knack for song selection and most of his songs had a real swing to them.  In Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Hank Snow is mentioned as a big early influence.  So if you don’t trust my judgement or taste, take it from Bob and give a listen.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be movin’ on…

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Road Ready

In the Calming LightThis is a new painting, titled In the Calming Light.  It’s one of the new pieces that I’m preparing to take to one the galleries that represent me when I make a mini-sweep through Asheville and Alexandria in the next few days.

It’s always good to hit the road for a bit and see my friends at the galleries,  to catch up on what’s new at the galleries and give them a better idea of where I think my own work is going in the near future.  That being said, I’m not a great traveler.  From the moment I leave the end of my driveway I’m counting the minutes until I’m back in my comfortable cocoon.  It doesn’t have to be a long trip either.  It could be a run to the supermarket.  

After a  short time, I’m ready to be back home.

But today I prepare to be on the road tomorrow.  I’m packing paintings, doing paperwork and checking weather reports.  Early tomorrow I’ll be on the road, my traveling anxiety a constant companion.

And I’ll be counting the moments until I’m home…

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