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Songs Sent on the WindIt’s Thursday and I’ve got a thousand things running through my mind already at 6 AM, little bits of thought and images that are vivid and strong but not really forming into one coherent message.

So I am left to try to grasp one straw and hold on tight, hoping it will come to fruition.  Here’s how it goes:

As I said, nothing is forming so I go to YouTube to see if there’s anything that will catch my full attention.  I come across a video of the Killers and an acoustic version of their song All These Things That I’ve Done.  Normally, it’s a big anthem-like song so I’m interested in hearing a different take on the song.  As I’m listening I realize most people will recognize it mainly from a famous Nike commercial called Courage that aired during the Olympics featuring the songs refrain ( “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier“) over rapidly changing shots of athletes in dramatic moments, in victory and defeat, ending with a memorable shot of a sprinter running at full bore- on two prosthetic springs.  

It’s a striking image that always thrills me.  It makes me realize that while I might on somedays yearn for a Luddite existence without modern technology, wanting to smash my computer with a simple whack from my sledgehammer, we are living in a world  of transformative technology, one that allows a person who at one point, not that long ago, would have been wheelchair bound live an empowered life, maybe even a better and fuller life than they had experienced previously.  It has torn down barriers.  It has allowed many to have the tools to overcome obstacles.  For the time being, I am awed.

This all goes through my head in seconds as I hear the refrain of the song and the image of that runner will be with me all day.  Such is the power of imagery.

So, after that bit of thought process here is the song…

Or if you just want to see the ad…

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