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Archaeology: UnburdenedIt’s Sunday, the end of a long week with a lot of driving and certainly not enough painting to suit my needs, both professionally and personally.  

I’ve had a little time to mull over what I want to say with my work in the near future and am finally formulating concrete ideas that seem to be making sense.  It’s like stepping back and taking stock of yourself as a person, then determining what you are, in the present.  I want to go forward new and fresh, unfettered from the past.

It’s a hard thing to explain and even harder to do.  This painting, Archaeology: Unburdened, shows, in its own way, what I’m trying to say.  

We all emerge from the past but we must stand apart from that past, though our roots still run through it.  We must be adaptive to the present if we are to flourish.

I’m going to stop.  Too much rhetoric for a Sunday morning.  I actually just wanted to show this painting, one that I like a lot.

Have a good Sunday…

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