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As I Wander...This is a new painting, As I Wander…, which can now be seen at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA.


          Well, I made quick work of my road trip to deliver new work to galleries that represent my paintings in North Carolina and Virginia.  I decided not to dilly-dally and whipped off the 1500 miles in two days, returning home by 6 PM last night.  It was a pretty uneventful trip with fairly light traffic on the major routes.  You can tell the economy is down by the decrease in tractor-trailer traffic, particularly on Rte. 81 which is often packed during better economic times with FedEx trucks shuttling from Memphis towards the Northeast.  On this trip, the lanes were pretty clear so I was able to move unencumbered at a pretty good clip.

I spent a couple of hours at each gallery, discussing the coming year and telling them a little more about my new work, particularly the obsessionist work.  I use the pieces that were delivered as a gauge of how the viewing public will respond to this work, to get a sense of how well the work delivers an emotional impact.  It’s sometimes hard to get a feel for this particular aspect of a painting in the studio as I may see things in the work that trigger an emotional response in myself that are not so obvious to others.  I’m basically, at this point, trying to confirm that what I see in the work is translating well to the viewing public.  

But now I’m home and back into my routine, an environment that best suits the manner in which my mind functions.  If you’re in these areas, please stop in the Haen Galllery in Asheville or the Principle Gallery in Alexandria and take a look at the new.  I’ll be glad to hear your responses.

The Coming Light



     The Coming Light, shown here, is available now at the Haen Gallery in downtown Asheville.

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Paul Klee

Klee-Carnival in the MountainsI’ve been a fan of the work of Paul Klee for some time now.  Whenever I would stumble across his work in museums, I would immediately feel a sense of kinship with his work.  His work is always the obvious product of his mind and seems unfettered by what might be expected by outside forces.

Klee Red BalloonMuch of his work is on paper and is smallish in size compared to many of the pieces that often surround them in museums, giving the work a very intimate, warm feel.  I feel like I’m privy to some quiet secret when I see his work. Maybe it has to do with the way his paintings combine music and form, creating that elusive rhythm of which I often write.   I also  love the grit within his colors and how he sometimes segments his work into small boxes of color, a technique that I adopt at different times in my painting.

Many categorize his work as whimsical but I have to somewhat disagree.  Granted there is sometimes an appearance of lightness in his work, but I see his work as very serious but with a distant and different perspective than the norm.  If you get a chance, take a look at the work of Paul Klee.  You’ll be glad you found him…klee-senecio

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